Report Imposter

The following video helps explain how the license can help both provider and patient…

Here’s where to report anyone who may be using intellectual property illegally.

1. First check to see if the provider is a licensed provider.
2. Then if not on the list, send link, screen shot, or photo of infringement to

1. The following marks may only be used with license.
Use the hyperlink to check for those who are licensed to use the mark
and who are contributing to our research and educational efforts

Vampire Facelift®
Vampire Facial®
Vampire Wing Lift™
Vampire Skin Therapy™
O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot®
P-Shot® or Priapus Shot®
Vampire Breast Lift®

2. If the advertiser is not on the respective list of licensees who are contributing to our research and educational efforts, then that person is making use of our reputation without contributing to our ongoing research and educational efforts…

so please send a link, screen shot, or photograph of the offending advertising to the following email…

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