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Botox Blastoff Class (with Bonus Walk Through of Setting Up Your Own Botox Club)




Topics Discussed Include the Following…

*Botox (and other neuromodulators) for depression-why it works and how to inject it.
*New Research that shows the “chemical-imbalance-of-serotonin” as the cause of depression is WRONG and how that relates to your Botox practice.
*The central effects of Botox
*The answer to the following question:

Hi Dr. Runels,
I have a 44y/o male with diabetes who came in for a P-Shot® consult.
His issue is that after an episode of diabetic ketoacidosis 4 years ago, he can’t maintain an erection.
If he uses a penis constrictor, he can maintain the erection.
It seems like a problem with the inability to maintain venous pressure.
He has seen urology, and they offered no solution.
He is asking if the P-shot may help.

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Relevant Research, Relevant Links

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