Previously Identified Infringers

The following people & clinics have been previously identified as infringers of one or more of the intellectual properties owned by Dr. Charles Runels.

He is legally obligated,

to the licensees
who support research
& education

and to the patients,
men & women,
who could be mislead
and even harmed
by infringers,

to enforce the restriction of the use of his marks
to only official licensees.

Examples what can happen when people advertise procedures without proper training (neither of these locations were qualified to do our procedure and neither location was listed on our directory of licensed providers)…

Two deadly examples of reasons for litigation<–

**This massage therapist had someone DIE in her office after injecting the buttocks with something not intended for the buttocks<–

**This location was investigated for possibly spreading infectious disease<–

Here are previously identified infringers…
Imposters as of January 14, 2019

Current litigation<–

More about infringement of the marks and why they must cease and desist infringement (click)<–

Where to report infringers (click)<–

If you are an infringer, please contact the CMA. If  you contact us, we will be eager to work with you by helping you understand our procedures and how you can support our efforts toward research, education, & providing the best of care to our patients, and we will work to help you qualify for our group.  If, instead, you wait until we contact you, then we will not allow you to join our group and we promise to direct toward you the utmost letter of the law.



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