Cellular Medicine Association Values


Be Authentic

We believe in always being honest with ourselves and each other. We mean what we say and do what we say we’re going to do. We’re not trying to be anyone we are not…being ourselves is easier. It strengthens our organization when we share our unique personalities and perspectives.

Own Your Results

We take responsibility for the results in our lives and our work. This empowers us to see new perspectives and possibilities, to be unstoppable at achieving our goals and at creating relationships that work.

Make A Differance

At Cellular Medicine Association, making a difference is threefold. We eagerly strive to make a positive difference in the lives and practices of our customers, the lives of our employees and our greater community.

We look forward to not only supporting our customers in making their dreams come true but strive to impact the greater community by encouraging our customers to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Care for Our Community

We will make a difference in the lives of others both within and beyond the Cellular Medicine Association community.

Always Be Learning and Growing

We approach our work with an attitude of humility, curiosity, openness to new information and ideas and the determination to take notes and to implement. Learning allows us to more quickly & with more joy accomplish our goals.

Be Unstoppable

Because our purposes bring valuable outcomes to real people who need our efforts, we stop at nothing to achieve our goals. Not only innovation and resourcefulness but persistence and courage when faced with the menacing and robust opposition will be needed to bring people the healing that we can deliver.

Create Remarkable Experiences

We will create remarkable experiences for our customers as well as for our team members, partners, and other stakeholders. Everyone who touches Cellular Medicine Association will know that we care about them and that we want the best possible outcomes.

Seek the Truth

We seek truth with persistence and humility. We grow beyond a sense of shame at being mistaken. We will look at everything painful or comfortable and make it better.


We believe the spirit of innovation is about asking questions, wondering how to do things better and being curious. With this approach, we strive to innovate with our products, our training and in the conversations we have every day with clients and each other. Innovation drives creativity, growth, and inspiration in our team members and moves our purposes forward.

Make and Keep Promises

We keep our promises even when not comfortable or convenient. We will honor even the smallest promises because we want to teach others that they can believe our word. Because humans fail to be perfect, we will sometimes fail to keep our word; when this happens, we will do whatever it takes to make things even better than would have been had we kept our original word.

Be Positive

We will act and speak with positive energy and gratefulness for our lives and how we can help others.

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