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Hello I’m Charles Runels and I’m here to tell you about the Cellular Medicine Association, or the CMA, Cellular Medicine Association. If you’re watching this, you’ve probably joined our group by undergoing some training with one of the procedures that we oversee.

A lot of people wonder what is this thing [CMA] and how does it work. It’s a little bit of a new idea. Usually a procedure, if you think about it … For example a cholecystectomy, that’s sort of governed by the surgical/medical board, or for example hysterectomy, that’s governed by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. But if you have a procedure like for example Botox, which isn’t exactly claimed in any particular board exam, I don’t know any board exam that tests people on cosmetic Botox, it become ubiquitous. It’s done by plastic surgeons, dentists, family practitioners. Yet, none of those board exams teach that procedure [so there’s no standardization]

In a similar way platelet rich plasma and cellular medicine goes across the board in multiple specialties. What we’re trying to do here is foster research, protect our reputation, and help with the protection and the education of our patients. So let’s talk about some of that.

First of all, as far as the science goes, what have we done. I want you to be proud, and understand why you should be proud to be part of our organization. First of all, we’ve done some trials already. We’ve done some research. If you look at, if you just go for example if you go to the O-shot website, and you look at the top there’s a tab that says research. If you click on that, it will take you to some of the research we’ve done. We also have some trials ongoing and that our organization has paid for. We spent over half a million dollars on financing research projects. Now that doesn’t sound like a lot. For example compared to say the budget for Flibanserin or some big drug company, but we’re not a big drug company.
We’re just a relatively small group of physicians who are passionate about taking care of people. Because blood is not a drug, cells are not a drug, tissue is not a drug, it’s harder to come by research money. For example, another example analogy for the running or aerobic exercise has been proven to be better. It’s been published in multiple studies to be better than any cholesterol drug for preventing heart disease. But those studies were much slower to come out than the cholesterol drug studies because who’s going to sponsor a study on running. The same way, there’s no big pharmaceutical company to sponsor these studies. So our group, be proud that you’re part of that group, and the money that you contribute to our group, partially goes for research. You also can participate in our research. If you are doing the O-shot or the Priapus Shot, there’s a place where you can enroll your patients. If you look at, on the dashboard you’ll see a link that says patient survey.

You can enroll your patients and they’ll receive a text message that allows them to participate and survey their results from the procedure. Nothing is 100%, and of course this is a survey and it’s perspective, but our members should be large enough that we can get a very nice idea about what should be our next double-blind placebo control study. We have a double-blind placebo control study ongoing right now for Lichen sclerosus and another for the O-shot for orgasm. We’ve already done some pilot studies, but those double-blind placebo control studies came about largely by what our group observed, which comes back to the other part of the science piece of this with the blogs.

Now, if you’re doing this, you’re probably tired of assembly line medicine. I found that most people in our group, they’ve reached the level of expertise they’re sort of tired of doing the same thing over and over again. They’re very good at it, doesn’t mean they’re not proud of what they’re doing, but they’re looking for the next adventure. What’s happening is this wide open discovery of things that we can do with platelet rich plasma and cell biology, stem cells, and amnion, all those different ways of manipulating cell growth using our natural healing mechanisms, that’s something that is new and it gives us an adventure in science, and a way to help people we haven’t been able to do before. This blog gives you a way, for example if you’re on the O-shot member site, you log in, you’re a physician or a nurse practitioner, you’re there on a website that needs a password. Patient aren’t seeing it, that’s fine if they did. There’s nothing magical about it, or so clandestine patients couldn’t see it, but it’s a relatively private place for us to participate and talk with each other.
If you have something rare you’ve noticed, or something interesting that you’ve noticed, or a question that’s come up, you can post it there and you can see seven years of that blog on going there on the websites so that you can get an idea about some of your questions that you might have already been asked. Basically this is a new way of doing things. If you think about it, even 10 years ago if you had a new idea, you did a study, wrote a letter to a journal, it got published, someone responded to your letter, and it came out several months later. In the old way of doing this, if you think about it, if you had an idea, you published it, and then someone responded to it with a letter to the editor that came out in the next journal, and someone else looks at that and they publish another study that you say maybe see a year later. Here it’s real time. You observe something you can post the pictures right there and people start responding to it.

That doesn’t make research, obviously it’s anecdotal, but it’s quicker than say what we used to have to do, which was write a letter to the editor and post a picture on the New England Journal, and then someone had to respond to it the next week or the next month. This is real time. Also you’ll see that I’ve posted webinars where we talk about this, our observations. I’ll get people in the group on the line and I’ll have multiple specialties. I’ll have urologists, gynecologists, interventional radiologists, some family practitioners, endocrinologist, all on the same webinar talking about their observations. Those webinars have been filmed and are there for you to look at so that you’re able to now learn from that and pick up where we left off. So, obviously this doesn’t make a research double-blind placebo controlled study, but it obviously makes a very nice way to think about this and come up with what the next study should be in a much more rapid and much more thoughtful manner.

That’s what’s available to you with the science part. We do have some research dollars available so if you want to do a project, we can help the next research project that you might think should be done. That’s some of the science part of what happens with our organization, and we want you to take full advantage of it. Now, let’s talk about the some of the reputation part of what goes on with our procedures, the reputation piece of this. You can imagine something that has to do with sex, it could turn into something really bad reputation very, very quickly. So we try to maintain a standard of care. It doesn’t mean we’re all doing things exactly, precisely, every time the same way, but even one doctor doesn’t do that. We all vary the procedure a little bit based on the science of the, or what’s in front of us, what’s the patient’s history, what’s their complaint, and the procedure may change a little bit based on that, but there’s some basic things that stay the same.

For example, we all use an FDA approved device to prepare the plasma. These procedures are not FDA approved, but whatever we’re using to do these procedures are good, scientifically designed devices or materials. For example, we’re using Amnion, it’s from a reputable source. If we’re using PRP, it’s from a device that was designed not to analyze, but to prepare blood to go back into the body. We have certain standards. As far as that goes, we also have teachers that are approved to teach for us. Now if A teaches B, and B teaches C, and C teaches D, you don’t have any idea what D is doing. So we have to make sure that everyone that’s a provider doesn’t teach others and convey to the people they teach that they can somehow start claiming that they’re O-shot providers. That’s the reason why because if Dr. John teaches Dr. Smith, and Dr. Smith teaches Dr. Mary Jo, then Mary Jo, we don’t even know what she’s doing, but yet Mary Jo is out advertising the O-shot.

I’m in a position unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, to know how bad this can get because I’ve received that email from that woman who said I had something horrible done to me, it hurt like crazy, I bled like crazy, and it didn’t do anything for me. It sounds kind of strange what happened to her. When I asked her about who did she say, it turns out he isn’t even one of our providers. We have to be very, very careful especially with something that involves sexual medicine. Now, also when it comes to reputation, we’ve only had this happen twice, we’ve had two people who got a letter from their medical board, only two. Wanted to know what is it you’re doing because they got a complaint from a jealous doctor. Like for one example there was a optometrist who was treated by one of our people. The optometrist got better, but the optometrist son, who was in medical school, and the medical student told about what happened to the urologist attending he was working with. Urologist attending reported family practitioner to the medical board.

That’s happened twice. In both cases, I wrote a letter for the person to send to their medical board, and in that letter quoted the research, listed some of our more prominent providers, and how we’ve been doing this procedure now over 20,000 times per procedure at least. That’s a conservative numbers, and some of the science. In both those cases the board said, “No problem, keep doing it.” Now had the person been on their own saying just doing platelet rich plasma calling it Dr. Joe’s vagina shot, then no one would have been there to say they were following some standard method of doing it, and to take up for the person had that happen. You can imagine that same scenario, so far we haven’t had to do this, but you can imagine that same scenario happening should a patient claim something horrific happened and try to take somebody to court. So, that’s happening.

The other thing is that we give you a certificate. That certificate is something you can show your malpractice carrier to get your malpractice insurance. The last I heard in the UK to be covered to do the O-shot, you had to have a certificate from our organization. That’s a very helpful thing. Let’s see, teachers. I guess that covers it with the reputation. Along those same lines of reputation, you have this marketing idea. Now if you’re advertising the O-shot, it’s like similar if you advertise Botox. Well Botox has a name brand and people understand what that means, but if you had some generic neurotoxin that you came up with that was not Botox, it might be hard to get people to come to your office. Yet, not many people get patients from the Botox website. What happens is you let your patients know that you’re doing Botox as an analogy, then the patient says oh I know what that is because it’s a name brand, but I want to get it from my doctor.

In truth, nobody builds a Botox practice from … I’m talking about marketing now. The best marketing is just education, but the best way to quickly educate somebody is to have a name brand that actually means something. By protecting our reputation, our name brand, for example the O-shot procedure, which means a particular method of doing something. It’s called a service mark, so a trade mark, can mean a material like Coca-Cola, but a trademark can also be a subset of that called a service mark, which means a specific method of doing something. That’s what we have. The O-shot name is only available to people in our group who agree to follow certain guidelines that have been taught to them by either their hands on teacher that they did in a workshop and/or the materials that are on our websites.

The marketing, of course the best marketing is to just be very good at what you do, which is why it isn’t fair for someone who just bought a PRP kit that says okay I’m doing the O-shot who doesn’t have a clue what we’re doing. Even if they’ve been through our training, but now they’re broken away from our group and they don’t want to contribute to maintaining this reputation, which has cost somewhere around $20,000 to $50,000 a month in lawyering to keep the people who pretend to be in our group beat back. We have so much press. It’s worth many, many millions of dollars, so much press. We’ve been here in Tatler, ladies Cosmo several times, we’ve been on the Playboy website. We’ve been on I don’t even know how many different TV shows around the world, I lose track. So millions of dollars worth of research conservatively.

People want to use our name who are not in our group who may be doing who knows what. They may be better than what we do, but they don’t have rights to use those millions of dollars of marketing and goodwill that we’ve maintained through a lot of science, a lot of handwork, and a lot of lawyering, and do that for free, and be doing who knows what. Then our good name can become bait to trick some woman into having something horrible done to her body. If I sound angry, it’s because I do get angry when someone takes our hard work, our hard earned reputation, and hardly maintained reputation, and then uses that to trick some woman into have something bad done, which is why i have no mercy. If someone uses our name, and they’re not in our group, I have no mercy. I use lawyers to make their life as absolutely miserable as I can, and I take pleasure in making their life as miserable as I can because it’s like they just did something to my little sister. They just did something bad that could absolutely hurt a woman that I may never meet. They’re using our hard work to hurt somebody.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to start ranting, but you can see it makes me angry. I have no mercy about that. Now, the other good thing, let me swap to a positive note, is that because of our marketing last time I checked about four times the traffic of cosmticbotox.com. People on our directory do get phone calls, and that is valuable, but it’s only one of many things you can see that you get from being in our group. You are on our directory. If you drop out of our group, that’s fine, go call it the Dr. Jones vagina shot, but we’ll just drop you from our directory. No big deal. What isn’t an option is to keep using our name and decide you don’t want to be in our group. That’s not an option. You can stay in our group as long as you want. You can drop out anytime you want. All we ask is that you change the name if you decide to drop out. We give people, if you do a hands on workshop, we give people three months for free in the group just to see the value of it, to see that we have good hard core science, and to see that you’re going to have patients come to you who want this procedure, who get well from the procedure.

Nothing is perfect, but you have people who their lives will be changed by these procedures. That’s valuable to be on our directory. If you decide that you want to drop out, we don’t try to punish people for leaving us. That’s your choice. All we ask is that you change the name if you keep doing the procedure. You can keep doing the procedure, just use a different name. Don’t keep using our goodwill that we maintain at great price. It’s like driving my car without paying me rent on the car. You don’t get to do that. It’s called stealing intellectual property. It’s still stealing. Anyway, back to other things that happen with the marketing piece of this. We also have marketing materials that we have, that we’ve created for you, that we sell at our cost. We have a cost that covers basically the shipping. The amazing lady that provides it and fulfills your orders, come over here Scottie. Let me show you Scottie. Scottie is an amazing business lady who makes sure … I just want you to meet her. This is Scottie.
If you order something from us, and we have … What do we have Scottie? We have posters …
Scottie: Posters, books, t-shirts-
Charles Runels: T-shirts.
Scottie: Coffee mugs.
Charles Runels: Yeah.
Scottie: What else do we have?
Charles Runels: I don’t know.
Scottie: The banners.
Charles Runels: Oh yeah banners. We have all sorts of stuff and we’re making other things. I just want you to see her because if you order something, Scottie is so on top of this. Nobody’s perfect, but our goal is to be sort of like Amazon. If you order something from us, our goal is that it’s in the mail and you get a tracking number, so within one business day you get an email with the tracking number. Then, that is at your office in two business days. Now if you’re in another country, obviously it can take longer. Sometimes the laws about getting something into another country can be tricky, and sometimes we have things come back to us. I just wanted you to see Scottie because if you order something, this is who you’ll be talking with. She takes her job very seriously. We consider this to be a revolution in health. Scottie’s had an O-shot. SHe’s had a Vampire facelift and a breast lift, and she knows what this can do for your life. This isn’t, for us isn’t just putting, this isn’t like shifting comic books. This isn’t just a way to make a paycheck for any of us. This is a revolution.
Scottie: Right.

Charles Runels: Yeah, so thank you. I just wanted them to meet you. Thank you Scottie. Let’s see what else about marketing. The other thing we do with these lawyering dollars is you’ll notice that a lot of the people who pretend to be us, they also, they’re probably, you’ll find that most dishonest people are also not very good business people. They think the way to make money is to become a discount store, so they’ll be offering our procedures at half price or something like that, and doing them with second rate kits. They’ll be offering it sometimes for less than we can buy our FDA approved devices for. We just don’t tolerate that and we shut it down. What we do, we all do charity work, we all do things for free. I recommend that our providers do things for free, but we don’t advertise a price below a certain point so that we’re able to maintain profit.

There was a time I lived out of my car for a year, I wanted to own nothing. That’s okay if you want to be a guru for a while, but you can’t run a practice that way. You have to pay for lights, you’ve got to pay for the camera that’s running this, and for Aaron who is driving the camera back there. You can’t have a practice, and you can’t take care of people if you don’t make a profit. There needs to be enough price point in here that you not only make a profit, but you can give back money who don’t get well so that you keep your reputation clean. I’ve never kept one penny from anybody that I treated that didn’t think it was worth what I did, and I recommend to do the same thing. You can’t do that if you don’t have enough profit to where if you give money back on someone that you still want to make profit on the next procedure. Basically you’re wins finance the small percentage who don’t get better with your procedures.
So far we’ve never had a serious side effect, and actually out of 8,000 research papers with platelet rick plasma, there’s never been a serious side effect reported, but we have people who don’t get well. If somebody doesn’t get better, there’s enough profit that I can give them their money back. Let’s see what else. If you do decide you want to teach, we do need more teachers. My suggestion is that you be successful with the procedures, you have your own stories, your own background about what works, what didn’t work for you. After you’ve done the procedures for three to six months successfully, then hit us up for the possibility of teaching for us.

I think the one last thing I would recommend is that everyone who is in our group, I recommend that you set up a one hour consult called a “Sure Start” and it’s free to you. You will get a link that shows you how to sign up for that in the email that tells you that you’re now part of the group. I recommend that you set that up because that gives you one hour with our staff. We have business people in the office with business degrees that have been helping our providers now for several years. They know how to get you rolling and what works to help market these.

I think that explains most of the benefits of our group. Sorry I got to ranting about the thieves, but I really have no mercy on them. That kind of takes me back to the school bus, you know the bad kid that would take your lunch money from your sister, and you wound up fighting with him at the bus stop. I don’t know maybe that didn’t happen to you, but it did to me. So that’s kind of where I go back when somebody wants to steal from our reputation and then trick people into getting stuff done that’s not so good for them. So thank you very much. If you look below this video, we’ll have all of the related links so that you can contact us and get the help you need.


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