Medical Asset Growth Mastermind

My 12 Month Goal for members of this group-
to help you create medical asset(s) worth at least $250,000 that heal(s) disease and creates cash flow into your bank account in amounts that match the value of assets created.

Question. What do I mean by a “medical asset”? 
Answer. A system, trademark, patent, method, or copyright that creates new and better ways to heal disease
and that also creates an asset that makes money for you. 

Question. Why am I doing this?
Answer. Two reasons…
1) Right now, it takes almost all of our monthly membership fees to support our staff of 10 people and legal expenses that are devoted solely to supporting our group. We have 2 people shipping purchased products, 1 full time legal and others on retainer ($20,000 to $100,000 per month), 4 customer support people helping with logging into the membership sites and with getting started with our marketing, and then the straight up marketing expenses which are over $50,000 per month (mostly to our sales affiliates), and cost of goods sold (books, banners, etc) and website hosting.  That leaves only about $200,000 a year for research and we need at least a million a year for research.  Creating this Medical-Asset-Growth Mastermind would help create a way to finance more research.

2) I greatly enjoy seeing the books, methods, & procedures come from those whom I have coached. I take great pleasure in knowing that I may have played a small parted in the harvesting of profitable and healing ideas from physicians and nurse practitioners.

How the goal will be accomplished…

A. Three Mastermind meetings in Orlando on the following dates (location to be announced)…

  1. February 21-22, 2020
  2. June 19-20, 2020
  3. October 2-3, 2020

*Each meeting will last 2 days introduce 2 tools to be used to create a medical asset.
*Practical implementation of the tools will be taught (for example…a tool box for creating a book).
*Deals for technology will be brought to the group.
*Deals for help with implementation of the tools will be brought to the group.
*Mastermind sharing of ideas will take place.
*This will me 98 percent marketing (not the place to learn new procedures). This will be about creating assets out of what you already know how to do.

B. Group phone calls 2 times a month to walk you through implementation of the tools. The calls will cover all of the following…

*Two profit models per month–walk you through
*Screen shares of profit model and of tool implementation
*Guest speakers to help with tool implementation
*Tool implementation
*Deals on technology
*Mastermind help from other members
*Roll out of campaigns and sequences done for you to market your ideas
*How to find new ideas buried in your practice and then turn them into profit centers that put money in your bank and also help people when you sleep.

This is the best of what I have to offer (as much as I can of the stuff I never have time to offer in the hands-on workshops).

Ideally, you’ve already been in our provider group(s) for at least 3 months and have an understanding of the basics of our marketing…
by either attending one of my hands-on workshops
or by implementing at least some of the ideas in the marketing videos on one of the membership websites.

Phone calls will take place every other Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern time.
There will be 30 minutes of dense content, and 20 minutes of questions and idea sharing/mastermind work.

Here’s the schedule for the next phone calls (all at 9 p.m. eastern)…

These phone calls will continue on two  Tuesdays per month throughout all of 2020.

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If not accepted into this mastermind, your money will be completely refunded. 
May drop out at anytime. 
Results will vary.

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  1. This program definitely piqued by interest. Is there a format for a “look-see” into how exactly this program will look? Thanking you in advance.

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