Marketing Medicine During COVID

Marketing Medicine During COVID

This course is offered only in-person; it is not offered virtually/online so that participants will be able to focus without distraction in a true workshop setting.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this full day devoted to emails…

*Not just learning but practicing in this WORKshop, and then going home with emails already written and ready to send.
*How to write informative, compelling, inspiring emails in 10 minutes or less.
*The best software to use to send your emails and a cram course on how to use it.
*How to combat the fear of saying the “wr0ng thing.”
*Write an email that displays your knowledge instead of one that turns you into a discount store.

*How to stack emails that go out automatically so that you have emails going out every day to just the right person at the right time.
*How to decrease your chances of landing in the spam folder.
*How to use the software so that it’s not much different than writing a word document for you to write a web page and an email.
*Easy templates where you can almost fill in the blanks with what’s already in your head (the things you’re tired of saying all day long in the office) and convert those things into compelling and motivating emails.
*Exactly how to convert your daily reading into ideas for writing emails.
*How to unblock your brain so that for you to write an email is as easy as doing your routine medical care.
*How to avoid being robbed and hire the right people to help you (and do most of the work yourself for almost no money or time).

Complete Money-Back Guarantee
Come to this course, bring a pencil and paper, pour yourself a cup of coffee, take notes, then write an email in 10 minutes, during the workshop, before lunchtime. If you do not think that just ONE email (distributed the way I teach you) will more than pay for this course, if you do not think that my methods will make you smarter and your patients healthier, then you can walk out and collect a complete and cheerful refund.

2021 January 30 from 9 am until 6 pm cst

Reserve 1 Seat for $1,897<–
Reserve 2 Seats $4,897 (save $897)<–
Reserve 3 Seats $6,897 (save $1,684)<–


Venue for “E-Mail Secrets Workshop”

No Mask Needed On Your Breaks at the Grand Marriott–The Bay Wind Keeps You Safe. Inside, we follow guidelines.
  • The venue for the workshop will be the Grand Hotel where you will have access to a spa, golf, harbor, and resort pool. Rates are usually around $200 to $300 per night. This hotel has a shuttle from the airport to the hotel but it’s about $75 (almost as much as renting a car).
  • The closest airport to fly into is Mobile Alabama. The taxi ride from Mobile to the coastal village of Fairhope) is about 45 minutes. Here’s an article from Smithsonian Magazine about the town of Fairhope.
  • The airport at Pensacola Florida is about the same distance by time (and my favorite local airport) but will probably require renting a car since it’s further in distance than the Mobile Airport.
  • One alternative place to stay in Fairhope is The Hampton Inn (23 North Section Street, Fairhope, Alabama 36532), which is about 3 miles from the venue (Grand Hotel Marriott). The room for 2 people at the Hampton is around $140–will be discounted to $99 if you use the code “Studio Medicine when you make a reservation. If they must upgrade to a larger room due to availability, you still will get a nice discount with that code (which is only for my patients and workshop attendees).
  • In Fairhope, you can shop antiques and clothing and quaint places to eat, or stroll the Mobile Bay.

If you have difficulty making arrangements, please contact me at or call 251-648-7704

I’ll be glad to see you.

Peace & health,
Charles Runels, MD

Reserve 1 for $1,897<–
Reserve 2 Seats $4,897 (save $897)<–
Reserve 3 Seats $6,897 (save $1,684)<–

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