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  1. Morning, Dr. R, may I have price advice for vampire facelift, prp hair?O-Shot 1,200 then 1,000

    P-Shot 1,800 then 1,000

    Vampire Facial $600 per treatment

    Vampire Facelift $1,500 (includes 1 syringe of HA)

    Vampire Hair $600 per treatment

    Vampire Breast Lift $1,800 per treatment (with up to 2 syringes of Juvederm if needed)

  2. I need information to put in website to promote my business about vampire.
  3. Hi Dr Runels. I just had a gal from a company called Xobiologix that wanted to meet with me about their product MaviX. She says it will enhance and prolong the success rate of the O shot especially in women over 45 years old. Have you heard of them? Wanted to touch base with you before I allow an appointment for her to meet with me.

Female Genital Mutilation

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Wound Healing

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Neuropathy post Carpal Tunnel in diabetes

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