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The FDA and the O-Shot®

Charles Runels: When it comes to the Vampire Facelift®, the O-Shot®, and the Priapus Shot® and the FDA, you will want to think about exactly what the FDA regulates.

Many pathways can be used to bring a drug or a medical device to market … CONTINUE READING


The Mystery of Orgasm and How We Can Help

George presented to my clinical practice at age 40, when he decided to settle down. He was marrying a beautiful and accomplished woman in a few months. There was only one problem: George was gay. George could not bear to tell his family that he was gay because he felt it would have shamed the entire family. I said, “George, you’re going to end up in a sexless marriage!” … CONTINUE READING


12 Reasons You Should Offer Altar™ to Your Patients

For a video explanation of these 12 points, go to VampireSkinTherapy.com/members/altar-order.

1. You will be one of the few who carry this brand. (It will not be sold to physicians outside our group.) … CONTINUE READING

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