5 Things that Helped Me Last Week (2021July25-31)

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Here are 5 things that helped me last week…

1. Medical Text Book that Helped —

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: A Multidisciplinary Approach, 2006. Looking at the history of bulking agents for stress urinary incontinence, SUI (Chapter 121) to think about what’s going on with our O-Shot® procedure and how it compares with what’s been used historically. Bulking agents for SUI were first introduced in 1938. Agents tried in the US include bovine glutaraldehyde, cross-linked collagen, autologous fat, carbon-coated beads. In other countries, the list extends to silicon, polytetrafluorethylene paste, calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, and injectable micro balloons. The chapter helps define what the ideal agent would look like: hypoallergenic, nonimmunogenic, not cost-prohibitive, easily handled and stored, ease of injection into the correct location, no migration of the material. I did not introduce the O-Shot® procedure until 4 years after the book was published. But, the history of the effort to find the “ideal bulking agent” as outlined in this book is a great checklist to check if we now perhaps have it…and how it can be improved.

2. Marketing/business book that helped —

WHATEVER IT TAKES, Master the Habits to Transform Your Business, Relationships, and Life (Bornancin, 2021) At first I thought, I’ve heard all this already, but he puts his personal tweak on what I knew already to both remind me and to supercharge the idea. For example, how he handles vacations (I also start to fidget after 3 days) and extra money (he recommends having “No extra money) pages 206-208 were interesting and helpful to me.

3. Most important research I read this week —

Dual effect of chitosan activated platelet rich plasma (cPRP) improved erectile function after cavernous nerve injury We’ve been seeing our Priapus Shot® procedure be of help for penile rehabilitation post prostate surgery for a decade now. This is the third paper I’ve seen that addresses how the PRP may be affecting regrowth of function…but this is the best one. One could almost argue that it’s becoming below standard of care to not offer PRP post prostate surgery—very low risk and relative cost combined with very high possible benefit. Other papers supporting the idea can be found here. Drs not yet doing the Priapus Shot procedure can find training here.

4. App I Used Every Day

I use “focus” to keep from getting sucked into my computer and losing track of time. The app makes use of the principles in the Promdoro technique. Here’s the app.

5. Quote I’m pondering —

“If you don’t take weekends off, and you don’t take vacations, you still have seven evenings a week of unlimited time to do whatever you want, every night of the week anytime after 5.pm…Girls don’t put on high heels and makeup until nighttime.”

—Gene Simmons (from his SEX MONEY KISS). Many don’t realize the Simmons claims to have NEVER been drunk or had “anything that looked like cool-aid” up his nose. His mother, Flora Klein, survived the Holocaust because she was a hairstylist who took care of a commandant’s wife’s hair (and by living on scraps). Simmons may have been outrageous as a musician, but he’s also a hardcore, brilliant businessman who self-promoted KISS and multiple licensed intellectual properties until he became the 6th richest musician ever. He claims to have never taken a vacation.

You can substitute “children don’t get home from ball practice,” or “wife or husband doesn’t come home from work,” for “girls don’t put on high heels and makeup” if that makes the quote work better for you.

I know he’s outrageous, but he’s brilliant and anyone with a mother with that background is probably going to be intense and solid in important ways.

And, please give me feedback: hit “reply” and shoot me an email, or on our membership sites, or on our weekly Journal Club with Pearls & Marketing. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of from the CMA? Other suggestions? Please let me know!

Have a great week!


P.S. The last book I launched could be of help to your patients who suffer from premature ejaculation: Extend Sex: The 30-Second Trick. You’ll notice that my trick makes use of the functional anatomy, even though I did not know the anatomy when I dreamed this up 40 years ago.

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