Dr. Charles Runels, the owner of the registered trademarks VAMPIRE FACELIFT, VAMPIRE FACIAL, VAMPIRE BREAST LIFT, ORGASM SHOT, O SHOT, VAMPIRE O-SHOT, PRIAPUS SHOT, VAMPIRE M SHOT, M SHOT, and P-SHOT, announces the following update on his enforcement activities against infringers.

Two deadly examples of reasons for litigation<--

As you may know, Dr. Runels licenses other medical providers to use his trademarks for PRP therapeutic procedures, but only subject to quality control measures to which all licensees agree.  This ensures that both providers and patients will continue to trust in the quality of services performed under these trademarks.  Due to the nearly instant success and popularity of the VAMPIRE FACIAL and VAMPIRE FACELIFT procedures first launched by Dr. Runels in 2010, including the media attention that surrounded the launch, Dr. Runels has been forced to employ a full-time staff to identify and stop providers who use any or all of his trademarks without license (i.e., infringers).

To date, Dr. Runels and his staff have identified several hundred infringers throughout the country, all of whom receive communications from Dr. Runels to stop using his trademarks.  This is an ongoing process.  Internet advertising has made Dr. Runels’ trademarks ubiquitous because of the sheer number of legitimate licensees who hold the authority to use the mark (in that regard, as of this date, Dr. Runels has approximately two thousand licensees who are authorized to use his marks).  This widespread authorized use, in turn, has made it that much easier for infringers to attempt to “blend in with the crowd.”

While it is obviously not an easy task to contain these illegal uses, Dr. Runels estimates that he has already stopped 400 unauthorized users.  He will relentlessly follow-up with those whom he has identified as infringing and to whom he has sent cease and desist letters.  If you are a licensed provider and you become aware of anyone using any of Dr. Runels’ trademarks without authority, please help by informing Dr. Runels immediately.  You may do so by accessing his website at

You may also first check to see if Dr. Runels and his staff have already identified such infringer(s), since Dr. Runels has recently added a page to his website that lists all of those who have been identified and contacted about their infringement.

Dr. Runels would also like to inform you that one former provider and licensee, Dr. Lisbeth Roy of Boca Raton, Florida, has petitioned the United States Patent and Trademark Office to cancel Dr. Runels’ trademarks.  Dr. Runels is vigorously defending against the allegations set forth in Dr. Roy’s petition, almost all of which Dr. Runels denies as simply untrue.  A copy of Dr. Roy’s petition, along with Dr. Runels’ detailed answer, is available on Dr. Runels’ website under the heading “current litigation.”

Report Imposter

The following video helps explain how the license can help both provider and patient…

Here’s where to report anyone who may be using intellectual property illegally.

1. First check to see if the provider is a licensed provider.
2. Then if not on the list, send link, screen shot, or photo of infringement to

1. The following marks may only be used with license.
Use the hyperlink to check for those who are licensed to use the mark
and who are contributing to our research and educational efforts

Vampire Facelift®
Vampire Facial®
Vampire Wing Lift™
Vampire Skin Therapy™
O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot®
P-Shot® or Priapus Shot®
Vampire Breast Lift®

2. If the advertiser is not on the respective list of licensees who are contributing to our research and educational efforts, then that person is making use of our reputation without contributing to our ongoing research and educational efforts…

so please send a link, screen shot, or photograph of the offending advertising to the following email…


Previously Identified Infringers

The following people & clinics have been previously identified as infringers of one or more of the intellectual properties owned by Dr. Charles Runels.

He is legally obligated,

to the licensees
who support research
& education

and to the patients,
men & women,
who could be mislead
and even harmed
by infringers,

to enforce the restriction of the use of his marks
to only official licensees.

Examples what can happen when people advertise procedures without proper training (neither of these locations were qualified to do our procedure and neither location was listed on our directory of licensed providers)…

Two deadly examples of reasons for litigation<–

**This massage therapist had someone DIE in her office after injecting the buttocks with something not intended for the buttocks<–

**This location was investigated for possibly spreading infectious disease<–

Here are previously identified infringers…
Imposters as of January 14, 2019

Current litigation<–

More about infringement of the marks and why they must cease and desist infringement (click)<–

Where to report infringers (click)<–

If you are an infringer, please contact the CMA. If  you contact us, we will be eager to work with you by helping you understand our procedures and how you can support our efforts toward research, education, & providing the best of care to our patients, and we will work to help you qualify for our group.  If, instead, you wait until we contact you, then we will not allow you to join our group and we promise to direct toward you the utmost letter of the law.